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This is the personal website of Nancy and George Berntsen, certified BradleyMethod® childbirth instructors.

For more information on The Bradley Method®, for an international listing of instructors, or to contact the American Academy of Husband-Coached Childbirth® directly, please contact:

The Bradley Method®
Box 5224
Sherman Oaks, CA 91413-5224

(800) 4-A-BIRTH, www.bradleybirth.com

Welcome to the Personal Website of Nancy & George Berntsen, AAHCC, 2022, affiliated Bradley Method® instructors of the greater Bridgeport - New Haven area of Connecticut! Please peruse this site for some information regarding planning and preparing for a healthy pregnancy and natural childbirth from pre-conception through post-partum, including childbirth preparation, breastfeeding and newborn care tips via our classes and links to enrich your learning. * The Bradley Method® is effective regardless of the setting for your birth.

George and I teach the proven standard twelve class Bradley Method® of real natural childbirth (a.k.a., the late Dr. Robert Bradley's Husband-Coached Childbirth.) We enjoy helping expectant moms and their coaches prepare for childbirth. We also work around challenging schedules when possible. Contact us for more information.

What is the Bradley Method®?

How is the Bradley Method® Unique?

Why we chose to use and teach the Bradley Method®:

Read what our students say about our natural childbirth classes:

Our Mission

We would like every possible birth couple to have the know-how to get their child off to a healthy start in life. Childbirth is a major physical, mental, emotional and spiritual event in life that requires knowledge and training in order to bring a healthy baby into the world. Our goal is to help prospective families to get off to a good start by empowering them with the tools they need to grow and give birth to a healthy baby.

Our objectives are to:

  • Provide parents and prospective parents a broad overview of normal human pregnancy with emphasis on responsible, healthy preparation, pre-pregnancy through post-partum.
  • Inform prospective parents as health consumers of the potential risks and benefits of various birth options.
  • Encourage prospective dads and/or significant others to take an active role in preparing for pregnancy, birth and parenthood.
  • Offer an occasional free Early Pregnancy class open to the public, or a personal meeting for prospective parents and those in early pregnancy.
  • Present 12-module training in the Bradley Method® of natural childbirth education as an excellent foundation for healthy mom and healthy baby, via lessons including:
    • Small class setting (2-8 couples) for personal attention (We *may* hold a class for one couple even if enrollment is low. Let us know if that is a problem for you.)
    • Reasons to prepare for a natural childbirth
    • The birth process
    • The role of the father or coach in pregnancy, labor, birth and post-partum
    • The role of other family members in childbirth
    • Nutritional guidelines
    • Exercise for healthy pregnancy and birth
    • Relaxation and comfort measures for pregnancy and childbirth
    • Developing a personalized birth plan
    • Communicating effectively with each other and your birth team
    • Labor rehearsals
    • Overview of lactation (breastfeeding)
    • Preparing home and family for arrival of a new baby
    • More!

    See http://bradleybirth.com  for specifics of course content for each class.

Instructor Profile

George and Nancy reside in Shelton, CT, and are parents of four grown children whom were all birthed with out pain medications. Nancy learned about natural childbirth in high school, when a friend loaned her a paperback book, "The Immaculate Deception." Soon after while attending college, she was preparing for a report on the role of the husband in childbirth. Her primary resource was a book, Husband-Coached Childbirth by Dr. Robert Bradley, known as the "father of fathers." The book was so practical and insightful compared to other resources she had studied, that she determined when the time came for her to start a family, it would be "the Bradley way." Thanks to George and Dr. Bradley, George and Nancy confidently succeeded in having four exciting, memorable, healthy pregnancies and surprisingly manageable birth experiences without need for pain medications.

George and Nancy are certified instructors of the Bradley Method® of natural childbirth. Nancy served as a trained volunteer lactation counselor and co-leader in southeastern Connecticut when their children were young. She is a graduate of University of Bridgeport with a BSN and is a personal support for a mentally challenged client. George is a graduate of Regent University of the State of New York with a BS in technology and works as a manager in the fuel cell industry. He is also a Veteran of the U.S. Navy. Both have had teaching roles professionally and personally over the years.

Success can be yours!

In Dr. Bradley's obstetrical practice from 1947 through 1998, over 96% of trained and coached women, 13,000, gave birth without pain medication. Today, 80% or more of women who have prepared for birth via the Bradley Method® of childbirth preparation classes are achieving medication-free births, having learned and practiced the "secrets" to relaxation and natural breathing as well as good nutrition and exercise through their pregnancies and effective communications with their healthcare practitioner. Practice makes perfect! A minimum of twelve weeks of training leads to the greatest outcomes. We invite you to join us to prepare for one of the most pivotal events in your life, giving birth!

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