How is The Bradley MethodŽ Unique?  

1. The Bradley MethodŽ teaches couples ways to stay low risk. While occasionally there are risk factors out of your control, staying healthy and low risk can help to avoid complications. Low risk mothers have more choices.

2. Relaxation is the Key to The Bradley MethodŽ during labor. It is the safest and most effective way to reduce unnecessary pain and to handle any pain that you do experience. While other methods seek to control the sensations of labor (emphasizing distraction as their Primary labor control technique), The Bradley MethodŽ encourages mothers to trust their bodies (emphasizing relaxed abdominal breathing and relaxation throughout labor).

3. The term Bradley MethodŽ is a registered trademark to ensure you are getting quality childbirth education. All BradleyMethodŽ instructors are highly trained to help you learn how to give birth.