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Key Benefits to Good Nutrition in Pregnancy:

  • Healthy Mom (helps ready mom for birth and recovery)
  • Healthy Baby (healthy birth weight & brain development)
  • Reduces likelihood of pre-eclampsia/eclampsia (seizure disorder of pregnancy)
  • Lessens need for interventions in pregancy, labor and birth
  • Helps with recovery from birth
  • Helps with milk production

Basic Principles

Bradley Method® teaches nutrition based on the life work of the late Dr. Tom Brewer, OB. For a summary of his life's work, click here: In Memory of Dr. Tom Brewer.

You are advised to consult with your own health care provider regarding your specific nutritional needs.

Get More Information

Bradley Website
At the Bradley website, you can view and print up the Brewer pregnancy diet and download an excel file to track your daily protein and general food intake.
Brewer Website
At the Brewer website, you can find diet plans for women expecting twins and multiples and vegan and vegetarian versions of the diet as well as a wealth of pregnancy information.

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