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This is the personal website of Nancy and George Berntsen, certified BradleyMethod® childbirth instructors.

For more information on The Bradley Method®, for an international listing of instructors, or to contact the American Academy of Husband-Coached Childbirth® directly, please contact:

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What our students say about our classes:  

P&AH, New Haven: A. and I would like to thank you. It's because of the classes, we knew what to expect and that's why we had an amazing birthing experience.

AM&EK, New Haven : We really enjoyed ourselves and learned so much over the past 12 weeks. Thank you to you and George for preparing us so well!! We are ready!!!

K&DG, Branford: I do think the class was helpful.

J&GP, North Branford: We were very happy with the classes and you as instructors, and felt more comfortable going into the birth having been so well prepared. You were great instructors.

K&SD, Hamden: They did give us many different techniques for handling labor and birth effectively.

A&AP, New Haven: To be a well- informed consumer makes all the difference. That I have consumer's rights as a patient and can make informed decisions about the care I receive and not just blindly follow the doctor's orders. I feel very empowered by everything that I learned class. I know this isn't helpful, but I really think that they are great as they are and I know that Andrew agrees.

R&WJ, New Haven: We would love to come to a class reunion and tell more of our story and hear from others.

K&RC, Southington: I know my wife sent you a text but I also wanted to thank you for all that you have done for us.  … I will be honest, I was a little skeptical at first having thought that there had to be some reason why 98% of women chose the epidural but our baby is a perfect example of why Natural child birth is better for the mother and baby.  Even K looked like a million bucks just an hour after delivery.  …  Thanks for making our special day even more special.

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