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Watch some videos and slideshoes to learn more about natural childbirth and the Bradley Method® from other women and couples .

Consumer Review of the book, Husband-Coached Childbirth, The Bradley Method®:

"Hi everyone! I wanted to introduce you to The Bradley Method. This method can support mothers and fathers who are interested in having a completely natural, unmedicated, and beautiful experience during labor and delivery. I will be back to share more about this method!"

Viewer Advisory: The Videos Below are Very Graphic!

Narrative and Video of a home waterbirth, The Bradley Method®:

"A beautiful water birth at home using The Bradley Method. I share this video of my birthing story to encourage other women to explore their options and take back their birthing experience. Natural birth is best for mom and baby in most cases and should be an event that couples look forward to with confidence and excitement, not dread and uncertainty."

A mother compares her first natural birth to her Bradley birth:

"my homebirth using the bradley method with some comparison to my last birth not using bradly method, even though I don't sound drastically different I was not nearly as in control and that was with an epidural. I had less pain without meds using the bradley method."

Willow's Birth (a Bradley birth at home, a water birth)

"Willow was birthed using the teaching of the Bradley Method for natural childbirth. We chose to have a homebirth after my personal experiance of a painful delivery in a hospital. Birth is an endurance sport, yes it is hard..but it DOES NOT HAVE TO BE PAINFUL!! Fear is what brings the pain. Hospitals although very helpful for specific birth emergencies, are fear based and do not allow for a peaceful birth the way our bodies are designed for. Please learn how your body functions in birth so you are prepared either way you choose to give birth. Education will give you courage...Please no unassisted births; always have a midwife available. Feel free to leave any questions you may have about the differences in homebirth vs hospital."

A Bradley couple walks you through their labor and birth at a birth center...

"After taking a 12 week course through which we learning the Bradley Method called Husband coach childbirth my husband and I had out first child on April 20th, 2009. Here is our experience and her birthday! We are now Bradley instructors in Knoxville, TN."

Two Natural Hospital Births

"Two natural hospital births. The first is a first time mom; the second, a VBAC."

Check back for more!

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